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6 Essentials for Home Workouts


After trying a wide variety of at home workouts over the past 5 years, I’ve learned a handful of things. Although not much is needed to work out from home there are a few essentials that will help make your workout experience easier. Check out my list of 6 essentials to begin your home workout!


Foam Roller

Unless you are a former athlete, I’m not sure of many people that know of this amazing essential. Have sore muscles? No problem. The foam roller will take care of it. Yeah, it can be awkward at times when you’re targeting muscles you didn’t know you had, but trust me, the next day your body will thank you for it. There are many different foam rollers available including ones for different muscle massage densities and sizes that meet your body’s specifics.  So be sure to do a little bit of research and read reviews before you make your purchase. Here’s one of my favorite foam rollers from Amazon.


Yoga Mat

For the longest time I refused to buy a yoga mat; thinking that working out from home, I would never need one. However, I was wrong and this essential has become one of my favorite purchases. I use it all the time for any sort of stretching I do and it’s also convenient for any sort of core or ab routine you are doing. I’ve also become a fan of the thicker (½”) yoga mat. They provide far more comfort and seem to last longer than a thinner mat.



This may seem like a no brainer to some, but I honestly never thought I would need a pair of running shoes when I began my home workouts. I would just wear socks or simply go barefoot. Again, I was wrong! After I started wearing my running shoes my feet thanked me for it. My feet felt more stable when jumping and running in place. I also stopped sliding around when I did any sort of push-up or plank.


Fitness Band or Watch

This is by far the most essential item on the list. You will want to keep track of your workout activity throughout the day. I use an Apple Watch to track my fitness levels. With the Apple Watch you can choose a wide variety of different workouts from the list (mixed cardio, strength training, outdoor walk, basketball, ect). During your workout the watch will track your active calories, total calories, total time, total steps and average heart rate. Like other watches or bands, the Apple Watch will want you to hit your Stand Goal of 12 hours, your Exercise Goal of 30 minutes and your Move Goal (your choice of calories to burn) everyday of the week. If you love a good challenge like me, you’ll want to close out all 3 rings everyday.


Essentials - Fitness Watch

Apple Watch


Resistance Bands

This may or may not be considered one of the top essentials based on what kind of workout or fitness you’re looking to achieve. If you’re looking to tone or build muscle through strength training, this item is a must! There are a wide variety of different levels for resistance bands; light, medium and heavy. I also prefer having these over free weights, as they are much easier for cleanup, organization and storage.


Medicine Ball

Again, depending on what kind of home workout you are performing this may or may not be a key essential for you. Medicine balls are great for toning or building muscle and are primarily used for abdominal and core work. However, you can easily use a medicine ball in other exercises, including taking the place of some dumbbell and barbell based workouts.


This post contains affiliate links. This simply means that if you purchase something through the links provided I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. You can be assured that I will never recommend something that I don’t enjoy using and wouldn’t recommend to my best friend as well! 

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