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Nike Training Club Review- 4 Week Bodyweight Program

Nike Training Club Review

The Nike Training Club app has always been one of my favorite apps to go to when I needed a quick workout at home. I learned of the app from my sister about 5 years ago (thanks Erin). First off, it’s FREE and it also has a simple setup to help you find a workout suitable to what you want to work on. I love that it has workouts designed by professional athletes like: Cristiano Ronaldo, Serena Williams, Roger Fedrer, and many more. The ability to control how long you want to workout and how much equipment you have to work with, is also a fantastic customization feature.

Welcome to Nike Training Club



For the purpose of this review, I really wanted to try one of their personal training plan guides. I choose to do the 4 Week Bodyweight Program because of the following reasons:

1.) The fitness level is suggested for intermediate to advanced (comparable to my ability).

2.) There is no equipment involved (perfect for working out from home).

3.) The program is designed to build strength and advance your fitness anywhere.

You can choose how many workouts per week you think you will workout, ranging from 2-3 workouts, all the way up to 5-6 per week. My favorite part is that you can decide whether or not you want to including running into your weekly workout. (I choose 4-5 workouts per week)

Next, it will ask you your current activity level or how many hours per week you’re currently working out. Be honest (I choose 2-4 workouts per week).

Lastly, the app will ask you when you want to start your workout plan. My plan consisted of 18 total workouts.

Nike Training Club Adjustments


The plan is designed to give you the right workouts and recovery time to help you improve. However, your day to day plans can change and the app takes that into consideration, so you can adjust your schedule weekly.

Week 1 started with a fitness assessment to benchmark the starting point of your plan. The assessment is timed and will test how quickly you can push through different sets of push-ups, burpees and squat jumps.

Be sure to do a quick 5-10 minute warm-up before starting the assessment to get your body ready. My time was 7:45 and I was exhausted. If you’re competitive like myself, you will enjoy the you vs women your age comparison to see how you rank against others.

The rest of your Week 1 (and additional weeks) will consist of recovery, endurance (weekly run) and a handful of workouts (depending on how many you picked to do and for how long).

Once you reach the last week of your workouts, you will endure yet another Assessment Benchmark to see just how far you have come in the last three weeks.

Nike Training Club Review



I LOVE this workout. It felt like I was back in college doing our summer lifting program, but without the weights. I love how you can customize how many workouts you want to do per week and for how long. The flexibility to rearrange your workouts from week to week is also a favorite. Let’s face it, things come up in life and you need to make adjustments.

The biggest thing I wish they would improve is specifics with the Endurance Run. For the most part, I believe they just want you to run 30 minutes, but aren’t specific on whether or not they want it to be straight through or in intervals. My goal by the last run was to go 30 minutes straight. It didn’t quite happen. The option to add more than 1 day of cardio running would also be helpful. Even though it’s for 30 minutes, it just doesn’t seem like enough for me.

I’d also like the ability to add in an assessment test every week because it would allow me to see how I’m progressing from week to week (may be available on different plans within the app).

The final assessment left me feeling strong and I did not get tired quickly. I CRUSHED the push-ups (my least favorite exercise) and was very pleased with my results. My final assessment time was 6:24. A whole -1:41 better than my first test!!!

I would definitely recommend the Nike Training Club app to anyone who is looking for a beginner to intermediate body-weight program or to simply tone and tighten the body.


*To learn more, please visit the official website of Nike Training Club:

*I was not financially compensated for this post. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*

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