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REVIEW: T25 Alpha Stage

Beachbody’s T25 is an explosive high energy 25-minute home workout ran by creator, Shaun T. The interval based workout focuses on the entire body, and is only about 30 minutes by the time you add in the stretching cool down at the end of the 25-minute workout. The whole Alpha program last 5 total weeks and has you workout Monday-Friday, with a 25 minute stretch on Sundays. The workouts vary each day and are switched around each week. Every day of the week except Friday, requires one workout, with Double Day Fridays having 2 workouts.



  • The 25-30 minute workouts make it flexible to fit with your schedule.
  • Since the workouts are fairly short and enjoyable, they go by fast!
  • No hard workouts on the weekends. *You do have to do 2 workouts on Friday (which is a con) and stretching on Sunday.
  • You will be SORE. *I always put this as a pro because to me it means the workouts are doing their job.
  • The workouts have similar moves which makes it easy to learn.
  • Very little equipment required (yoga mat).
  • 1-week meal guide.



  • Although they go fast, double day Fridays make it challenging to squeeze in for a morning or lunch time workout.
  • I know Shaun T schedules this purposely (Alpha’s hardest workout) but I wasn’t a huge fan of doing Total Body Focus 3x in the final week. A personal opinion, but I enjoy doing more cardio and would have loved a little more of either Cardio or Speed 1.0.
  • It seems like each workout starts with the warm-up. I’d love for Shaun T to mix it up a little bit at the beginning of the workout.
T25 Alpha Workout Calendar

T25 Alpha Workout Calendar





Like many of the workouts, cardio starts with a run progression and jumping jacks to get your heartrate up. Next, Shaun T will work your lower body with a set of lunge progression that progressively get harder, with the last set having you touch the floor with your hands. Trust me, this will get your heart rate up! Mountain climbers, rope jumping and half-tuck jumps will be your last set of exercises before your first burnout. In the burnout, Shaun T will have your “push a little harder, a little faster and focus a little more.” You will again do four (jumping jacks, pivot lunge floor touch, mountain climber, half-tuck jump) of the previous challenging moves, each for :30 seconds for a total of 2 minutes.


The second half of the workout entails various moves like: hopping squats, stationary sprinting, high kicks, running lunges, and speed + agility (moving split lunge, jack feet). Knockout your last 2-minute burnout and you’re almost done! In the remaining 3 minutes, Shaun T will test your cardio with high knees and two hopping exercises. Finish with your cool down with a slow controlled jog and active stretch.

Average calories burned: 230 per workout




This was by far my favorite workout of the T25 Alpha Cycle. In Speed 1.0, you will focus on “Speed, Stretch and Stability”. This workout will take you through about 10 1-minute cardio exercises (up + over, burpee with kicks, hop uppercut, low crossjack, zigzag hop, heisman, crisscross hop, ect).


After each exercise you will incorporate a different stretch for about 30 seconds (quad stretch, knee bend, side lunge stretch, hip flexor hold, calf stretch, ect). The stretching was my favorite part of the workout! You will then redo the cardio exercises in what Shaun T. calls the “Burnout.” This was a true interval workout, as the cardio will build up your heart rate and the stretching will bring it down. This workout flies by and you will be covered in sweat by the end of it. Enjoy! 🙂

Average calories burned: 215 per workout



The title says it all. It’s time to work the abs and get the 6-pack you’ve been dreaming of! Shaun T will mix in a handful of 1-minute cardio exercises (T-shuffle, sprint turn + squat center, speed knee kick, mountain climber) to keep your heart rate going throughout the workout. Different ab exercises you will do include: a variety of planks, V-holds (these are no joke), leg holds, Supermans and Rocketmans.


Ab Interval does a great job of not only focusing on your abs but the back of your core as well.

This workout when done alone and not doubled up with an additional workout on Friday, might not seem like enough, as it isn’t as cardio heavy.

Average calories burned: 160 per workout




Your legs are about to be on fire after this lower focus workout. You’ll start this workout with your typical T25 warm up- high knee jog to jumping jack progression. Now it’s time to get into those legs! Shaun T begins with squat pulses and progresses to a controlled squat jump. Yeah, feel the burn! Following the squats, you’ll focus on the calves and then progress to the hardest part of the workout. This is when I wanted to give up. Shaun T will take you on a lunge progression that will test your mental toughness. The progression begins with a narrow lunge, a wide lunge, deep lunge pulse and then a lunge hold, all on the left leg. Now switch and finish the lunge exercises on the right leg. It’s not over yet and now it’s time for your first burnout.


After the burnout, guess what? It’s back to lunges again! This time you’ll mix lunges and squats together for a lunge + squat progression. Next, Shaun T will take you through a series of adductor squat exercises to work your inner thighs. You’re legs will be thankful for the mild cardio break with the up + over series. The final exercise before your last burnout will focus on your hamstrings with different types of deadlifts. Complete your last burnout and your cool down begins.

Average calories burned: 185 per workout




By far the hardest workout of the week (Shaun T even says so!). This interval based workout will start you with the similar run progression for your warm up. You will work various parts of the body (upper, core, and lower) for 2-3 minutes with each new move getting a little bit harder every time.


It’s time to hit the floor! You will begin working your upper body with shoulder taps and a variety of push-ups. Trust me, you’re arms will be feeling it! The lower body exercises include different lunge and squat progressions, similar to ones you’ve done in previous T25 workouts.


The core work will get your heart rate up with different types of plank exercises. Shaun will also mix different exercises together to get the total body workout (see what I did there!). He combines exercises like plank walks to a squat hold, and sprint + power squat to incorporate cardio in the workout.


Shaun T. will then push you to your max for the final two exercises- floor sprints (they suck!) and body run, but after completing this workout, your body will be sore and tired, but the pain is totally worth it. 🙂

Average calories burned: 200 per workout




I do love this workout! It’s the perfect workout that combines cardio with strength training for one of the best at home workouts. I completed this workout as the Wisconsin winter (and basketball season) began, so I never needed to leave the house and I found time to squeeze it in during the day. 🙂 There is pretty much no equipment needed, so you need to rely on pushing yourself and your body to the max. T25 does come with a short list of recipes (about 1 week worth) for meal prepping options.


One of the best things I love about T25 is the creator, Shaun T. His commentary will help you push through each workout and ‘nail it’! I love the fact that he does the workouts with you and provides you with instruction for each exercise to ensure proper technique. He provides you with some of the best motivation to help you get through your workout.


There were only a couple of things I didn’t particularly enjoy during T25. First, I wasn’t a huge fan of doubling up on Friday workouts. You don’t have to, but it is strongly encouraged and they do mention if you are feeling tired or sore, to move the other Friday workout to Saturday. I doubled up every Friday because I hate doing weekend workouts and I wasn’t a huge fan of doing Total Body Focus 3 times in the final week. A personal opinion, but I enjoy doing more cardio and would have loved a little more of either Cardio or Speed 1.0.


During the final week I felt strong and “nailed’ every workout! One of my personal hurdles I overcame was barely being able to do Pike Ups. I could only do about 6 of them during the time given in the first week, but by week 5 I was able to do about 20 and never had to stop to take a break. High five!



I would definitely recommend T25 to anyone who is looking for a complete full body workout program or to simply tone and tighten different areas of their body.

Want to try T25 on your own? Visit:

*I was not financially compensated for this post. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.


Have you completed T25 Alpha? What did you think? Let me know if the comments below.

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